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Guitarz has all the building blocks you need to start playing guitar
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Guitarz is software for creating chords, composing music and playing .tab files in an easy, intuitive manner. You can use this versatile program for designing your own chords or for learning what notes make up a chord you composed on your guitar. The program allows you to search into a huge database containing six versions of each chord in all twelve keys and their variants. Once you have choosen or desinged the chords you want to use in your composition, you can send them to the Play page, which allows you to arrange the chords in the sequence you want, and play the entire composition. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can edit them, adding or deleting chords, measures and spaces, and copying and cutting chords for rearranging the piece.
If you can't find the right chord for your piece, you can create one of yor own with the program's intuitive interface, representing an entire fretboard. With it, you can choose the tuning of your guitar (standard, open, and so on), as well as the notes you want in your chord by clicking on the corresponding string and fret. Also, you can play your designed chord to hear the result and send it to the Play page. Finally, you can print all your chords in a format that includes its individual notes and the tuning in which it was composed.

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  • Comprehensive, useful, versatile


  • It is a bit difficult to grasp all the features at first


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